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I am Helping My Friend to Think / My Friend Is Helping Me to Idle

Time, slowness, devotion to idleness and friendship

The artist, a bit of a restless guy, and his calm Friend with a loudspeaker head, sound recorder ears and heart, intervene the fast rhythm of the big city with their slow actions and devotion to idleness. They explore the city, find places that provide time and space for being idle in the eye of the metropolis, and help each other to stop and ponder the question 'What to do with all this idle time we have?'. The silent Friend focuses on reaching a state of the total emptiness, while the artist helps to translate his thoughts into reality through text and sound, engaging into a dialogue with the city.

Their mutual exploration searches for positive traits of being idle, even when there is no measurable outcome in their economic or cultural unproductiveness. Might idleness be such a remarkable threat to the predominant way of life that the anxiety of boredom forces us to fill our emptiness with entertainment? What if time is our only true possession and united idleness is a forgotten revolutionary force to liberate it?

Part of Sound Development City 2016 expedition Madrid Casablanca 6.9-25.9.2016

The work was executed in several methods and documentated in various channels

Sound intervention in Madrid

Sometimes the most random detour can be the most meaningful way in your life.

Sounds, voices and atmospheres gathered during three week expedition from Madrid to Casablanca with the help of great friends! Life is a bricolage of moments that open up from the curiosity.

Art of doing nothing = Art of listening?

Performance "Amigo Is My Friend" in Alppipuisto Helsinki 2016