4 active loudspeakers, 64 passive 3W loudspeaker elements, 16 MDF loudspeaker boxes, audio cable, 2 Esi Gigaport HD+ sound cards, RME Fireface sound card, 2 self-made 8 channel amplifiers, computer, arduino, arduino motorshield, pure data, windscreen wiper liquid container with motor, acryl sheet case, black fabric sheet, coloured aluminium tea container, are you reading this? a lot of junk indeed, stones from the seaside of Helsinki, chicken wire, wood, plywood, ducktape, screws, dishwashing sponge, trashcan, water proof plastic, foam plastic padding, do not touch sign

Together with Saku Kämäräinen

KIVIKASA is a combination of two Finnish words KIVI (a stone) and KASA (a pile) that together have a new meaning — a pile of stones. Other than Finnish it could also be some pseudo-Japanese or array of letters without meaning, if we would not explain to you what we think about it.

People gather stones and place them on piles thus creating more than just a pile of stones. By selecting and arranging according to personal believes and intentions, man loads the construction with meaning that is beyond the meaning its pieces had. In Japan a pile of carefully organized stones can work as a field for a wandering eye to surrender in the joy of unexpected contemplation.

In Finland stones are piled on top of fire, they are heated, and they are rinsed with water. The appearing sensation of wandering energy of the hidden spirit of sauna — löyly or according the terms of physics — steam purifies the body and mind, creating a space for contemplation.

Like a spirit, the activated energy dances in the sound of white noise and erupts on top of the soundscape of crackling fire and boiling water. The spirit overwhelms, takes over and is perceived with all senses when it moves around the sauna.

The active nature of the steam works as material for our purposes to express the imagined movement of sound in 20-channel custom made loudspeaker setup. The sculpture is spread within an exhibition space creating a Zen-garden of miniature sauna stoves for the sound to wander, and the spectator to experience the dance of spirits that is possible to reinterpret with the help of current technology.

The exhibition space is filled with recorded and processed rotating sounds of sauna stove, crackling of fire, and the breath of the spirit of sauna. Every now and then an arduino-controlled automatic water system triggers an eruptive burst of filtered synthetic white noise that moves along the loudspeaker setup based on the random selection of over 30 predesigned sound movement patterns created with the sound programming environment Pure Data.

All this selecting and arranging is just a small microscopic fragment to understand and explain the uncontrollable existence. Possibly a new clue in the search for the meaning of life. And now what is important is what do you think about it?

Media Lab Helsinki 20th Anniversary exhibition in Design Forum Showroom, Helsinki. 17.9. – 1.10.2014

Media Lab Helsinki group exhibition Sounds from Finland in Spiral Building, Tokyo Japan 1.-6.5.2014

Media Lab Helsinki 20th Anniversary exhibition in Design Forum Showroom, Helsinki. 17.9. – 1.10.2014
KIVIKASA exhibited in the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria, January 2019, Helsinki Finland