5.7.2022 L=10 at Gasthof at Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule, Frankfurt Germany
23.7.2022 L=10 at Domie, Poznan Poland

9.7.2022 King Combucha at Contemporão SP, Sao Paulo Brazil

2022 ||: o / dear<3 :||
also known as
computer music for 11 dumpster salvaged hifi loudspeakers
Composed at Bajramovic Unlimited spring 2022, Athens Greece

"The concept of this piece is memory loss and how to represent it by sonic means. With this experiment I want to inverse the process of listening so that we become aware of the results of listening before we hear the components which comply it. During listening we learn systematically more about what we hear and from this we create understanding and the synthesis about what we have heard.

It is a a totality of sonic memory that we share afterwards. A conclusion a desired climax of reasoning as you do now as you try to understand. I reveal you right away in the beginning what I am after and what you will hear and what you will experience. You start from the light from clarity and you go to the unknown to obscurity you will slowly forget what you were supposed to remember. Of course it won’t happen it is just a tactic to start the composition. In the fantasy world you will lose your memory, because this charlatan who you hear speaking proposed a trick, an illusion in order to create a simulation of the process of memory loss.

Let the show, the experiment begin. Now as your doctor, I tell you: The diagnose is we all have memory illness, dementia. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. This is the beginning for mumbling. We will learn a new skill skill of forgetting we will forget how we formed reason, and eventually we only form sound. We don’t hear anymore with our ears or not with our reason.

It’s time for the heart
to listen.

U are about to enter
to the world
where your will forget
these three words
I <3 U

Keep them in your mind
throughout this experience,
because I will ask
in the end
what was it
that I wanted you
to remember."


25.6.2022 Hupa Brajdič Produkcija, Ljubljana Slovenia
19.6.2022 Termokiss, Pristina Kosovo
17.6.2022 Zelenata Arka "The Green Ark", Skopje North-Macedonia
16.6.2022 Буква / Bookva, Skopje North-Macedonia
Documentation from the performance held at Aristotle Hall, Chalkida Greece 4.4.2022
10.-11.3.2022 Ostavinska, Belgrade Serbia
15.3.2022 To Pikap Kato, Thessaloniki Greece

4.4.2022 Aristotle Hall, Chalkida
7.4.2022 Bajramovic Unlimited, Athens Greece


22. october 2021, 19:00

Film Screening: 'King Combucha'

Hordaland kunstsenter is proud to present a screening of 'King Combucha', by Dan Allon and Ari-Pekka Leinonen. Screened in the Hordaland kunstsenter cafe space from 19:00 as part of the artist in residence program.


A video from 2017 Bad Research 5: ROKKENROLLERS - Unpracticed Knowledge audiovisual album, De Hunknie, is part of suturo.com internet exhibition.

suturo.com is a new dynamic and interactive website that reacts uniquely to each visitor as they navigate the site, allowing for exploration that fosters new formal and conceptual perspectives between the art, the poems, and the viewers.

2021 King Combucha, 1 hour 25 minutes film with Dan Allon, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen Norway

King Combucha is a still-drawing movie, with an original voiceover and soundtrack. It takes inspiration from a genre that was popular in the 1960s, and simply known as "still image film", a film made of still drawings and based on editing and camera movement, rather than animation or live-action. King Combucha is written and produced by Israeli artist Dan Allon and Finnish artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen. The film was created during a residency at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen Norway in 2020, and was completed by working remotely, between Israel and Finland during 2021.

It narrates a story of two misfortunate travellers, who cross paths unintentionally three times during their trips, affecting each other's destinies. The outline of the story is a "journey story", based on three diaries Allon's had written, starting in 2001 on a trip to Peru. It then goes on to 9/11 New York, and ends during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil. It incorporates some 400 drawings, divided into three chapters, accompanied by two narrators, opening up their feelings, thoughts, and dreams. The characters deal with their vulnerability, lack of self-confidence, and self-deceit, while they explore unfamiliar territories, carrying the profound feeling "someone's paradise could be someone else's hell". They have overlooked the privilege they had while travelling, even when they chose to travel when it was almost impossible. This film is also about proportions: choosing to focus on small self-centered details, when the world seems to collapse.

Based on a story by
Dan Allon

Script by
Dan Allon & Ari-Pekka Leinonen

Drawings, Voice-over and Drums by
Dan Allon

Music, Sound Design, Voice-over and Post Production by
Ari-Pekka Leinonen

2021 L=10, a sound performance for 13 loudspeaker-headed-puppets, Duration 36 min 45 seconds, Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki Finland

L=10 is a minor tragedy about an inability to L=10.
To overcome this incompetence a loudspeaker-headed-puppet prepares to leave I behind in order to enter the world of U.

This message was brought to you by gateway to solar trance
leave your earthly fears behind and step in:

**explosing ideals**
etermal incompleteness
only experimental acts
complete redefinition
stay vigilant

Project was supported by Sound Development City and Taiteen edistämiskeskus

2021 Feature Music ~ Nightlover OR ~ Nightlover, 90 minute feature length electronic music album with Bert Jacobs.
Released in Brussels May 2021 at Komplot.

The band is playing feature music, the kind you buy a ticket for at your local theater.
The album is best enjoyed at dark cinema with a loud soundsystem.

2020 Shipwrecked Waltzhop, an electronic music release with Bert Jacobs

AP and Bert are shipwrecked on a small deserted island, somewhere near Bermuda.
The only communication they have is via radio.
While being stranded they decide to make a pop-song while waiting in isolation.

The rescue boat doesn't seem to pass by any time soon.



following text copied from

21. december 2020

Preview of "King Combucha" by Ari-Pekka Leinonen og Dan Allon + conversation

Two videos from our artists-in-residence

HKS is happy to share the first preview of "King Combucha", a new film by residency artists Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Dan Allon, alongside a recorded conversation between the two discussing the process behind the work.

Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Dan Allon were Hordaland Kunstsenter's artists in residence for November/December 2020. Travelling from Finland, Ari-Pekka stayed as the guest artist in Bergen whilst Dan, located in Israel, joined the residency as a digital presence.

Over the residency period they worked on a still-image movie titled "King Combucha", an image-based film with a voiceover, in a genre that was prominent in the 1960s. The outline of the story unfolds a journey that started 20 years ago in Peru, went through 9-11 in NYC, and ended in current Sao Paulo. The main motives are vulnerability, lack of self-confidence, self-deceit, and the irony of telling a traveling story in a time when traveling is impossible. We sometimes do not appreciate our luck until it is too late to acknowledge.

The full film will be screened after completion in 2021.


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2020 Sugarush, a short radio drama with Dan Allon, Covid-19 lockdown spring Berlin-Helsinki
2020 TV ELDORADO or Clarinet Ivan & Weddingband, 60 minutes film & screening with live soundtrack with Bert Jacobs, Dom Na Kinoto, Sofia Bulgaria
2019 TV ELDORADO or Clarinet Ivan & Weddingband, 45 minutes film & screening with live soundtrack with Bert Jacobs, Adata AIR & Plovdiv2019 European Capital of Culture, Plovdiv Bulgaria

TV Eldorado or Clarinet Ivan and the Weddingband is a 2019 experimental film made by Jacobs & Leinonen.
The story revolves around a group of strangers who sign up for a mission in search of the lost Thracian gold.
Soon after the adventure kick-starts the unexpected happens.

2019 TV ELDORADO or Clarinet Ivan & Weddingband TRAILER
2019 Al Swer, solo electronic music album
2019 Heartbroken Uncle5, electronic music and performance with Bert Jacobs, Night Shift: from dusk till dawn, De Studio, Antwerp Belgium

After his nocturnal walk for last year's Night Shift in Brussels, sculptor and storyteller Bert Jacobs now joins forces with the Helsinki-based audio-visual artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen. With their brand-new performance, they wildly speculate on the quaint events that have led to The Beatles' break-up and hatred between the legendary song writing duo Lennon-McCartney. Heartbroken Uncles 5 Karaoke Band explores themes floating between toxic egoism, stardom, success and failure. Expect a not-so-average musical farce with harmonious looks and sabotaging intentions.

Enjoy the karaoke!
2018 ERNST PINOSSI Picture Show, Installation-performance-radio show in collaboration with Dan Allon and Bert Jacobs, Hypercorps Brussels Belgium
Photo by Hugard & Vanoverschelde

A house, imaginary or real, is one of the most significant integration powers for the thought, memories, and human dreaming. Ernst Pinossi's house, an installation of a music-related room and dwelled spaces all combined into a multi-layer time- distorting story, will act as a symbol, catalyzing memories and immortality in the spectator's mind. It is a place where imagination and memories are undissociated. A performance, installation and a radio show by Dan Allon, Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Bert Jacobs. The installation consists a radio shack, in which the trio reenact his music, show photographs from his life (a combined selected images of non-professional photography from the life of Allon, Leinonen and Jacobs), and wait for his arrival for an interview live in the studio. As the show goes it becomes unclear if he really exists, or is he a combination of the dark sides of the three.

2018 ERNST PINOSSI Picture Show, Installation-performance-radio show in collaboration with Dan Allon and Bert Jacobs, Hypercorps Brussels Belgium
2018 ELDORADO, 20 min film with Bert Jacobs, Plovdiv Bulgaria

Eldorado is an experimental film that shows the impressions of two foreign artists who, in overtime, sought and examined the ideas that shaped the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv as the European capital of culture. Questions are asked like where is the budget? And to what extent does such a phenomenon need state intervention? Imagine a fairy tale told in footage from Plovdiv.

2018 ELDORADO, screening at Kino Kosmos 24th August, Plovdiv Bulgaria
2017 Apatia & Ital, Ostavinska Galerija, Belgrade Serbia
A book by Ariel Bustamante features a text "Listening at the Place of Emptiness"
2016-2019 Bad Research, collaboration with Dan Allon

Bad Research was a performative collaboration between Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Dan Allon, started in 2016. The project transcended cities and countries, narratives, and practices. It is comprised of different, yet well connected episodes; each is dedicated to a place on earth, and unfolding story and a performative rolling action of collecting material and digesting it. Work was documented into a web page consisting videos, audio, pictures and text.

With five different finished episodes, we have consulted Bad Research tackling topics of terrorism, fake news, national histories, current politics, rock music, psychoanalysis and humor to mention a few. We have openly expressed our naive and irresponsible prejudiced attitudes while inspecting various serious phenomena. Our work tries to expose via laughter things that oppresses us, as well as the mechanisms that make us classify and discriminate.

Episode 1 - An ecoterrorist wants to start a new religion in Jerusalem
Episode 2 - A duo of artists talk about life, in the time of the 2016 US-election
Episode 3 - A recruitment of Tahini-based terror group and its dismantling
Episode 4 - A philosopher criticizes cartoonist for "disgraceful" Holocaust art and reconsiders the limits of humor
Episode 5 - A duo of historical kings, go through therapy and compose a rock opera http://unpracticedknowledge.com/

2017 Cut the Crap Residency, Bruges Belgium
2017 ROKKENROLLERS - Unpracticed Knowledge LP, 30 copy limited edition
2017 Bad Research 5: ROKKENROLLERS - Unpracticed Knowledge, audiovisual performance 56 min, DeTank, Bruges Belgium

This work by Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Dan Allon (aka Bad Research) is a site-specific multi-disciplinary performance. The work evokes questions regarding the nature of artistic research, the relationship between war and humor, and interweaving the history of conflicts with the history of rock music.

This episode, the 5th they created, consists of a rock opera, alongside with a musical release entitles "ROKKENROLLERS – Unpracticed knowledge," and multi-layer video works, some stand for video-clips for the songs. All material was created under a disguise of a multitude of characters, mainly those of two obscured generals who came to Brugges to overcome a trauma through making music. The performance, video, and album, which all to be featured on a unique website, combine the history of rock and war, which was initially contradictive, in a hilarious dialog.

The exhibition would suggest three ways to experience the episode:

• A live performance, including psychotherapy sessions, and a concert of the song, accompanied by the animation videos.

• A listening room for an in-depth listening experience of the rock opera.

• A "Bad Research" library, in which the spectators can go through the story on the website. In addition, a small numbered edition of the album for sale.

Proxy Muzak
Rolling and Stoned
Hummus Sexuals
The Waving Sideburns
The Kiss Singers
Eggy Poop
Cream Kingdom
Jimmy Schmendrix
Radio Floyd
Frank & Shappa
The Cutting Heads

2017 Bad Research 4: The Gas Bill, 27 min film, Hanut Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
2017 The Gas Bill, iBazar/t part of The Wrong internet biennale
2017 Sound Development City Publication(pdf)
2016 I am Helping My Friend to Think / My Friend Is Helping Me to Idle, Madrid & Casblanca
2016 Tyhjäntoimittaja - Reporter of Nothing, experiment in public space, Helsinki Finland
2016 Välittäjä, video installation, Ti-La 2016, Jyväskylä Finland
2015 Why Do We Do the Things We Do?, intervention in public space directed by Ariel Bustamante, Kampintori 25.9-29.10.2015, Helsinki Finland
2014 KIVIKASA, 20-channel sound installation with Saku Kämäräinen, Sounds from Finland exhibition, Spiral Building, Tokyo Japan
2014 Pesula, 10-channel sound installation, Galleria K6A6, Jyväskylä Finland
2013 JAA/EI/POISSA -kokoelma todellisuuksia, exhibition curated by CuMMA MA students (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art), sound design for 12-channel sound installation, EMMA Museum of Modern Art, Espoo Finland

Helsinki-based Ari-Pekka Leinonen (1988) is developing a spa for his/collective imagination. Apparently resting is a form of resistance. "Rekordarling", a new multichannel composition, occupies his upcoming days as he tries to listen through heart. L=10 is a code that is now being distributed around European soil. Conceptually he fleets in the midst of tragedy and comedy in a constant experiment to understand the sediments of global mythology. He holds a MA degree in Sound in New Media (2015) from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

aapee.leinonen (a) gmail.com